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Mannavan Chola

The Anaimudi Sholai National Park ( formerly known as the Mannavan chola) is the biggest evergreen forest surrounding Kanthallor. This region pervades many rare and common species of animals, birds and plants. It is located in Idukki district.


The Muniyara Dolmens are magnificent prehistoric dolmens, situated in Marayoor. These above ground burial chambers are built with large stone slabs. They are called megaliths and these belongs to the Neolithic age.

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary

It is one of the richest forest reserves situated in Munnar, Idukki. The area is diverse in ecosystems and rich in ethnic cultural heritage. It is also the habitat of the endangered Giant Grizzled Squirrel of India.

Sandal wood forest

Marayoor is the only place in Kerala with a natural growth of high quality Sandal wood trees. This natural outcrop of sandal wood trees is unique to this land attracts many tourists to Marayoor.

Kundala Dam

The Kundala Dam also known as Sethuparvati Dam, is considered to be Asia's first arch dam. Adjoining to this magnificent dam is a beautiful lake. The area also has cherry blossom trees, and you can also witness Neela kurunji flowers which blossom once in twelve years adding to the beauty of the place.

Lakkam waterfalls

The beautiful lakkam waterfalls cascades down from the rocky cliffs of the splendid Eravikulam plateau. The place is named vagavurai due to the abundance of  'vaga trees' that bloom during the winter months.

Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty dam is about 13 kms from town, is one of the best tourist attraction in Munnar. Besides, the snow cladded hills the attractions here include a dam, splendid lake and a dairy farm of International standards.

Top station

It is located around 32 kms away from Munnar, is the top most point from where the township of Munnar lay below to present a panoramic beauty. You might feel like among the clouds here, which is surrounded by green valleys and it is visited by tourists as well as adventure lovers.

Rajamala Hills

Rajamala hills is about 15 kms away from Munnar. The hills of Rajamala are home to Nilgiri Tahr, the rare mountain goat. It is an enchanting site for tourists.

Crocodile Farm

The crocodile farm is located close to Amaravati dam. It is considered as the biggest crocodile reproducing focus in South india. The mugger crocodiles and the bog crocodiles are the ordinarily discovered species in the farm.

Bhramaram View Point

This is a beautiful place located at 1 km from Kanthalloor town. This area become a bustling view point after the malayalam film Bhramaram shot its climax scene. This is a very lovely and scenic place, the cool breeze blows during the evening makes you feel refreshed. From this spot, you can see the Panoramic view of marayoor and surroundings, the sunset view from here is mesmerizing. Lemon grass oil production and Off road jeep safaris are also here, which you can watch and experience. There is also a beautiful tree house, which offers you the marvels of heavenly beauty and picturesque scenery.

Irachilpara Waterfalls

This is a place about a kilometre away from the road side on the way from Marayoor to Kanthallor. What makes this waterfall so special is that, it is a flattened waterfall. It will gives you the same experience of getting a good rain shower. The fresh natural vibe present here makes your mind relaxed. As the rock here is curved, we can enter inside the waterfall through the crevices of the rock. So that the waterfall comes straightly in front of us, where we can always see the rainbow formation which is a breathtaking and enchanting view.

Keezhanthoor Waterfalls

Keezhanthoor waterfalls - The spectacular keezhanthoor waterfalls is located at Kanthallor - Marayoor route. Keezhathoor waterfalls can be reached by descending from the road 3 kms before reaching kanthallor. This breathtaking cascade is a major tourist attraction, which flows in its prosperity. Jeep safaris are also arranged to this spot where tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty and also the soothing experience of swimming too.

Pambar River

Pambar river is one of the rivers in Kerala that flow eastwards. It flows towards Amaravadhi dam. The famous Thoovanam waterfalls is formed by pambar river. Many craters were present in this river and it is always flowing with prosperity.

Marayoor Jaggery

The world famous delicacy, marayoor jaggery is an agricultural product of Kerala which earned the status of Geo index.It is produced by about nine hundred farmers in the marayoor kanthallor area of Idukki district. Marayoor jaggery is dark brown in colour where as common jaggery is golden brown in colour. Chemicals such as hydros are not added to bleach so there is no risk of health problems. The hand prints on jaggery is clearly visible as it is rolled by hand. High sweetness without salty taste, high content of iron, less sodium content, less soluble impurities are the unique characters of this traditional jaggery.

Thoovanam Waterfalls

This splendid waterfalls is situated at Alampetty, on the way to Chinnar from Marayoor. A forty - five minutes walk from Alampetty will take you to this falls. You can also trek along with a guide on a 4 km long trail to Thoovanam falls.The waterfalls set beside the dense forest, surrounded by rich biodiversity is an awe-inspiring sight.


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